Dubai to Create Marsa Al Arab Luxury Islands and Resorts for World Fair 2020



In preparation for assembly the World Expo 2020, Dubai plans to develop a $1.7 billion out-of-towner resort on either side of luxury hotel Bur Al Arab. The resort want incude two man-made islands (one for entertainment and families, the other for luxury amenities) with a linked 140 villas. A marine and water park will also be retreat highlights, along with a Cirque du Soleil theater.


The World’s Free is an international exposition meant to highlight national and worldwide achievements in technology and invention. The theme for the Dubai 2020 World Expo is “Connecting Minds, Imagining the Future” with focus on mobility, sustainability, and opportunity. Work on Marsa Al Arab determination break ground in June 2017 with a completion date of 2020.


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