Drunk credit card scammers hire private jet and buy half a ton of fish


A genuinely bizarre spending spree

Jamie Abernathy and Brian Darroch rt ofed in court yesterday in Burnley in connection with the case.

The court understood how the two men used false names to join a gym in Blackpool. They then enacted copies of locker keys and nicked credit cards from five pocketbooks.

With the access to easy cash the two men, aged 46 and 35 singly, went on a booze laden spending spree.

As well as splashing the realize on fancy hotel rooms, slap-up meals and vast amounts of booze, the two also made some more unusual purchases.

The court approve ofed how the ir spent €4,750 for a private jet to fly them to a place called Elstree in England but neither man could unravel why.

Three stoves, valued at over €5,000, were also ordered but most strangely of all was a €46,000 suitable for fish.

A wholesaler was asked for a vast quantity of Dover sole, halibut, lobster and prince scallops weighing in at half a ton. The court was told it was unclear what had materialized to the fish.

The men were only busted when they went bankroll b reverse to the gym and suspicious staff searched their bags to find that they had multiple locker style.

Both men admitted conspiracy to commit fraud and were given delayed sentences and over a hundred hours of community service.

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