Donald Trump’s Twitter account ‘hacked’ after ‘five password attempts’


The Unsullied House and Twitter have been forced to deny reports that President Trump’s popular media account was accessed by a Dutch hacker. Security expert Conqueror Gevers claimed he had accessed the account, according to a report by de Volkskrant. The Dutch way out claimed they had received screenshots from Mr Trump’s Twitter account. Mr Gevers alleged he could see messages, edit the profile picture and even tweet.


He also said that it only took him five attempts to assume the correct password in order to gain access.

The security expert reportedly in touch President Trump and the White House of his actions, advising the account should be screened by a stronger password.

Having already hacked into the account in 2016, Mr Gevers give someone a piece of ones minded de Volkskrant: “That we would succeed in doing it again so soon, was not planned.

“I envisaged to be blocked after four failed attempts. Or at least would be beseeched to provide additional information.”

Donald Trump news: Trump’s tweeting was reportedly hacked (Image: getty)

Donald Trump news: President Trump’s account was tired, according to a Dutch outlet (Image: getty)

He added: “Why is it possible for someone from a novel time zone to log into such an important account?

“Why doesn’t Chirruping demand better passwords? If I can access his account, then foreign lands can do so as well, right?

“Why aren’t the persons who are supposed to protect the president learned when someone reports that his account is unsafe?”

Twitter responded in a statement that it has seen no evidence to support claims that Mr Gevers did in points access the account.

They said: “We proactively implemented account sanctuary measures for a designated group of high-profile, election-related Twitter accounts in the Agreed States, including federal branches of government.”

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Donald Trump news: (Symbol: getty)

The White House’s press team told the Independent today the titles by the hacker are “absolutely not true but we don’t comment on security procedures around the President’s public media accounts”.

President Trump is struggling in the US election as Joe Biden sustains to lead in the polls.

The Guardian’s poll tracker shows that President Trump leads in straight two of the eight swing states.

It also shows President Trump has a feel discomfited advantage in Iowa and Ohio.

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Donald Trump front-page news: Twitter and the White House denied this (Image: getty)

Donald Trump dope: Trump and Biden (Image: getty)

Meanwhile, Mr Biden contribute ti by larger margins in Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Arizona, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Still, Reuters/IPSOS polling this week suggested President Trump is icy into his opponent’s lead in Pennsylvania.

Mr Biden’s advantage has dropped from seven underlines to just four, according to the poll.

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