Do you need a visa for a cruise holiday? Travel documentation and restrictions explained


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Journeys: Do you need a visa for a cruise holiday?

Cruises are the best holiday prize for people wanting an easy break with some sun and luxury.

Divers travellers are choosing cruises over package holidays as popularity with the younger formation continues to grow.

Along with a cruise comes booking lam outs and making sure passports are in date. Many destinations may require other associate documentation.

But do passengers also need a visa when they go on a journey?

Cruise holiday visa rulesGetty

Cruises: Passengers should get a visa depending on the sticks

Visas are needed for any country that isn’t included in the British passport deals

Visas are needed for any country that isn’t included in the British passport compatibilities.

Britons can currently travel to 175 countries without needing a visa, being the third 9 things you didn't know about cruise holidays

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9 things you didn’t know about cruise holidays

Cruise holiday visa rulesGetty

Travels: British travellers don’t need a visa for 175 countries

Travellers who are unsure can use to kick the bucket if the countries included on the cruise require a visa.

The Royal Caribbean website states: “Want note that there may be a visa requirement for your cruise and it is the stability of each guest to ensure that when they arrive at the column to board their ship, that they are in possession of all travel particularizes required for their itinerary. 

“Guests who do not possess the proper documentation may be controlled from boarding their flight or ship or from entering a mother country.”

They also state that passengers must still be undergoing a visa even if “a guest chooses not to disembark the ship”, with the no more than exception being Russia.

Cruise holiday visa rulesGetty

Cruises: A visa can be obtained with provider CIBT

Voyages to the US will require a different form of visa which is called an ESTA, appropriating travel into the country for two years.

P&O Cruises explains that tourists should put their address as “in transit” when applying, or put “unknown” with the eminence of the cruise liner in the contact details.

Alternatively, passengers heading to Canada will-power need an eTa if they are entering the country by air.

Land and sea passengers will not call for one, according to