Didcot Power Station collapse: Rescuing trapped victims could take MONTHS, police say


Play an update on recovery work at the scene in Oxfordshire, Thames Valley Allied Chief Constable Scott Chilton said the rtially collapsed shape is still “unsafe” and that they are seeking “specialist advice” on how to onwards.

He said: “It will take many weeks and, in reality, innumerable months before we will be able to get access to those trapped.

“This is a complex manipulate and will take some time.”

The building collapsed at 4pm last Tuesday while wage-earners were pre ring it for demolition, killing worker Mike Collings and confine three others inside the rubble.

Five people were abuse and more than 47 others were treated for dust inhalation.

Difficulty services and rescue workers have said it is “highly unlikely” that those trapped choose be found alive.

The exact cause of the collapse is still unknown and Thames Valley Police and the Salubrity and Safety Executive are working to identify the cause as rescue teams comb result of the rubble pile, which is about 30ft high.

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