Diane Abbott forced to HALT Shamima Begum speech as furious row breaks out – ‘SHUT UP’


A provoked eruption of tempers scattered across the House of Commons yesterday as the Hint Home Secretary reprimanded Sajid Javid for his decision to revoke Ms Begum’s citizenship. Fundamentalist security minister Ben Wallace and his Parliamentary Private Secretary Simon Hoare were both very admonished by Speaker John Bercow in the dramatic exchange. Ms Abbott encouraged the Home Secretary: “When she was 15, Shamima Begum made a extremely bad decision, and it is arguable that much of the tragedy that has engulfed her since then streams from it.

“Can the Home Secretary explain why he deemed this 19-year-old, with a spoil that was not quite three weeks old, more dangerous to Britain than the hundreds of curious fighters who have already been allowed to return?

“We understand the outlet of keeping British people safe, but this was a British baby, who is now all-out.”

But at this point, Shadow International Trade Secretary Barry Gardiner conjecture a livid hand towards the Tory benches and shouted: “Shut up, imbecile man” across the chamber.

Speaker John Bercow located the source of the uproar before issuing one of his trademark put-downs.

Addressing Tory Security parson Ben Wallace and his Parliamentary Private Secretary, Simon Hoare, the Speaker progressed: “Mr Wallace, please. I respect your governmental responsibilities and the seriousness with which you call for them, but I appeal to you just to listen to these exchanges.”

But the real savagery was obviated for his PPS.

Turning to Mr Hoare, he began: “As for the Parliamentary Private Secretary, Mr Hoare, you are a minor Member of the House, trying to come to terms with your culpabilities as a PPS.

“Your role is just to sit there and to nod or shake your head in the apportion place.

“It is not for you to sit there and give a running commentary on the performance of the shadow Residence Secretary.

“I have not the slightest interest in what you have to say, and you will say no profuse in the course of these exchanges or I shall have to ask you to relocate yourself.”

A PPS is usually seen as the lowest rung on the ministerial ladder.

Shamima Begum, who traces encamped in Syria, lost her baby over the weekend.

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