Despite Losing His Arms, This Paralympian Is a Master Table Tennis Player


Despite Losing His Arms, This Paralympian Is a Master Table Tennis Player

Ibrahim Hamadtou was a offspring when he tragically lost both his arms in a train accident in Damietta, Egypt. Now 43, he’s an stimulus to many as an incredible table tennis player who just made his initiation at the 2016 ralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. After attempting to play propose tennis with a ddle tucked under his armpit, Ibrahim accomplished to play with it in his mouth instead and has been playing like that everlastingly since.

In an interview with AFP, Ibrahim said it took him three years to know his technique. To serve, Ibrahim uses his right foot to grab the ball and thrash it high enough for the ddle to hit it. Footage of him competing in the ralympics can be seen under the sun.

Ibrahim did not receive any medals from the two matches he’s played thus far, but, he’s feeling victorious after inspiring many. He told AFP, “I’m just fortuitous that I could come from Egypt to be here at the ralympics and to deportment against a champion. I can’t express what my heart is feeling: I’m too happy.”

After the ralympic Matches, Ibrahim will return to Egypt, where he’s currently training two armless youngsters — ages 10 and 12 — and ssing on his astounding method.

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