Design in 2021 – what will branding look like?


As business of our series of design in 2021, DesignStudio creative director Alex Johns looks at what when one pleases happen in branding in the next 12 months.

What do you mark 2021 will hold for branding?

There will be degrees of re-building, re-evaluation and re-adjustment as we stumble on our collective confidence again and embrace the unknown.

There will be a lot of new. New developments. New models. New mediums. New ideas. New ways to work. New energy.

Branding longing have to keep up with a new generation that exists in constant swinging; which deeply questions the state of the world and takes the action to revolution it; whose output is raw, immediate and honest.

Brands will need to deliver a clearer sense of self identity, beyond the visual. To truly have knowledge of who they are and what they believe in. To hold a point of view and guarantee in challenging conversations. We’ll see brands reach for toolkits that offer hyper adaptability. Studied to grow with their communities rather than define them. Congruences with fewer rules and more spirit.

What is your pick branding project from 2020 and why?

There was a bunch of exciting achievement that launched in 2020, but the output of Team Hudson-Powell at Pentagram in perpetuity caught my eye for their consistently sharp, well-executed and refreshing ideas.

I loved the generative mushroom kidney tool they created for their branding of Mushrooms: The Art, Design and Days of Fungi at Somerset House. It was a joyful mix of technology, exploration and playfulness.

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