Design in 2020 – what will furniture design look like?


As as far as someone is concerned of our series of design in 2020, Ruth Wassermann, design director at Hand looks at what will happen in furntiure design in the next 12 months.

Design in 2020 – what will furniture design look like?
Ruth Wassermann, design director at

What do you evaluate 2020 will hold for furniture design?

We have seen a resurgent trend of natural materials and we see this growing next year. Timbers in bona fide finishes are joined by woven materials, cane, bamboo seagrass and we think the finish of these becoming more casual and less polished.

The mid century look that has been ordinary for some years now is starting to make way for a new retro inspired by the bold orders and finishes of the 1970s. We are seeing bold silhouettes and puffy forms on upholstery as coolly as some of those characteristic finishes from the 70s such as corduroy and glassed finishes. This has been around in bars for some times and up-countries studios such as Dimore are doing a great job of contemporising this.

Velvet doesn’t picture any signs of slowing down as a materials but we are starting to see more diversity now in the formulate of boucle, sheepskin and other textured fabrics.

It almost goes without asserting that we’ll be seeing a continued increase in sustainability coming through offerings and practices. With increased demand, sustainable materials are becoming easier to beginning and there will be a huge focus in design on building sustainability middle of the whole supply chain.

What is your favourite furniture plan project from 2019 and why?

I loved the textiles that Dimore Studio canned in Milan this year. They were an amazing eclectic mix of design.

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