Dementia risk factors: THIS check could help protect you against condition


A celibate approach to give advice to 40 to 64-year-olds on how to reduce dementia jeopardize has been developed through a pilot study in England.

It comes after a probe by The Lancet found more than third of dementia cases could potentially be precluded by eliminating nine modifiable risk factors.

The report showed 75 per cent of the 164 being who remembered the advice on dementia risk said they were multifarious likely to adopt a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of developing dementia.

The investigate found 80 per cent said the advice would have some hit on their behaviour.

The GPs focus on the message what’s good for your sympathy is good for your brain’ and highlights the benefits of stopping smoking, being physically full, eating healthily, maintaining a healthy weight, drinking less liquor, connecting with people and keeping mentally active.

Dementia care: Dementia information could be part of NHS health checkGETTY

Dementia punctiliousness: Dementia information could be part of NHS health check


Dementia care: Dementia poop could be part of NHS health check

Dementia is not an inevitable part of ageing

Innumerable than 1.3 million free NHS Health Checks were hurled in England last year, designed to reduce their risk of pat, kidney disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes or dementia. 

Andy Morris, 54, whose mum elaborate oned dementia in her early 70s, said: “Having seen personally the impact of dementia help of my mum who is living with vascular dementia, I fully support the dementia component of the NHS Strength Checks being aimed at younger people so they can take steps to lower their risk of developing this devastating condition.

Not enough people are posted of what dementia is, how it affects people, and even more so how it affects species and friends and we need to find the right way to talk to them about this.

“Continual became a big relief for me while caring for my parents and I regularly run long distances after make to relax, but not everyone has to go that far.

“Simple steps like eating healthily and prosperous for a daily walk could make a big difference to your risk of dementia and other salubrity conditions, such as heart problems and diabetes.”

Dementia care: Dementia information could be part of NHS health checkGETTY

Dementia care: Dementia low-down could be part of NHS health check

Jeremy Hughes, chief governmental of Alzheimer’s Society, said: “Alarmingly, half of people we spoke to weigh there’s absolutely nothing you can do to prevent your risk of dementia.

“It’s adroit the NHS has already been equipping over 65s with ways to reduce their gamble when they have annual check-ups.

“But, in terms of having the greatest modify on reducing dementia risk, we’ve been missing the boat. 

“Dementia lay ones hands ons hold of the brain decades before symptoms appear, so empowering man to get fit and eat healthier from age 40 is crucial if we’re to reduce the number of people strengthening the condition.

“In the absence of a cure, risk reduction is a vital tool to bout dementia. With the condition set to be the 21st century’s biggest killer, it’s important that as a domain we unite against dementia and each of us do what we can to reduce our risk.”


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