'Defender of Muslim women' Sarkozy says extremists see female body as 'devil's instrument'


The French presidential nominee said that the West had to crush jihadists and quash political Islamists.

France’s whilom French head of state said during a rally his country did not tease a problem with Muslims but a problem with homegrown Islamist warriors.

He said: “France does not have a problem with religion, France has a enigma with radical jihadists and a problem with political Islam. It’s them or us.”

The right-wing nominee, who appeared before a cheering crowd of thousands at a rally in Toulon, in southern France, on Friday, reaffirmed his hardline standpoint against radical Muslims.

Mr Sarkozy promised to adhere to a strict procedure of secularism in a bid to tackle radical Islamists if he is re-elected president next year.

He said: “The burkini order be banned from all French beaches and public pools will no longer be gifted to have different timetables for men and women.”

He also said that Muslim men would no longer be earmarked to choose the sex of their wife’s doctor.

Mr Sarkozy positioned himself as a defender of Muslim chars, and said that he wanted to help “free” them from the holds of radical Islam.

He said: “Extremists believe that a woman’s group is an instrument of the devil. They want women to hide their total bodies, but at the same time, they believe that men are allowed to have a bearing on more flesh.”

The former president also said that he make do more to promote gender equality and empower women.

He said: “If a minor Muslim woman does not want to be forced into a loveless affiliation, and wants to choose her own boyfriend, I will help her. And I will do so in the name of the French Republic.” 

Mr Sarkozy also voted that, if elected president, he would hold a referendum on the question of whether the maintain should be able to jail people whose name is on a terrorist sit with list.

He also promised to hold a referendum on whether the French thirst to ban family reunification, a policy that allows immigrants to bring associates of their immediate family into France.

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