Deal or No Deal comeback: Noel Edmonds gives his blessing for show return


Prehistoric Deal or No Deal host Noel wants the show to return as speedily as possible, and believes if Channel 4 can afford it, it would be a hit once again.

Noel presented 3,000 experiences of the competition and was delighted to front the successful award-winning format which was later promoted to more than 80 countries.

However, the 69-year-old revealed if the listing, created by Dick de Rijk and distributed by Endemol, was to return, they transfer need to replace him as the host.

Speaking exclusively to, Noel stipulate: “How lucky am I? How fortunate am I to have been offered formats like that.

I’m more than happy to see someone take over the reins. It’s not my mollycoddle. I don’t go back

Noel Edmonds

“It was a fabulous 10 years. I don’t like the way tabloids in any case make it into something being axed. It came to the end of its run.

“What a wonderful adventure. For millions of people it was destination television. People of a certain age and students, I was most fortunate to get to do that.

“I had a very, very happy 10 years. I accorded with Jay Hunt in the end that after nearly 3,000 shows we should break. It was great. 50 years I’ve been doing this next month and I am so well-timed.

“If you think back to Swap Shop and then Telly Addicts, Noel’s Auditorium Party, Deal or No Deal, I’ve had a lot of hits and I’m so grateful for it.”

Noel revealed he has stepped down from the place for good and would not return to present the show which aired its terminating episode in December 2016.

He continued: “Deal Or No Deal is a fabulous format, a wonderful make-up and I think they should find somebody who can bring a different outlook to it, a different angle and definitely, definitely bring it back. I wouldn’t stick around. If they could afford it.”

Deal or No Deal comeback: Noel Edmonds betrays his blessing for show return (Image: CHANNEL 4)

The presenter revealed the natural reason the show came to an end was due to difficulty working out the budget due to competitors randomly winsome £250,000, with opportunities to take this amount home at spoonful five to six times in every week.

Noel said: “The problem which Watercourse 4 had was of course, you can’t really work the budget out for Deal Or No Deal. Jay and I went including the numbers. We tried to do the averages and whatever.

“The problem was you could have a week where every fix game someone won £250,000. Suddenly the Channel 4 share price fires through the floor.

“With Millionaire they always could develop out pretty exactly what the budget would be. For Deal, no. But I’d love to see it end up back.

“I’d love to see it come back with somebody who presented it in a extraordinary way to me and I think it would be a massive hit again.”

Deal or No Deal comeback: Noel Edmonds let slips his blessing for show return (Image: CHANNEL 4)

Noel refused to give to the show, saying that as a host you “don’t go back” to something you have Nautical port.

However, Noel gives his blessing for a new presenter to “take over the limits” and replace him to lead the format in a new direction.

He added: “I’m more than exhilarated to see someone take over the reins. It’s not my baby. I don’t go back. 10 years. I had 10 inconceivable years.

“That’s why I laughed when there was all the malarkey about occasioning back House Party. I would never do that. I would not till hell freezes over do that, you don’t go back.

“Life’s too exciting, let’s go forward. I’m so happy with the being I’ve got. I think 50 not out. I’m happy with that. Really, really exuberant and grateful.

“Hugely grateful. Not just to the producers and BBC and Channel 4, but to the known. Really, really grateful.”

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