Dawn Butler MP closes Willesden office over race threats


A Harp on MP who has received death threats over race-related issues has closed her constituency shtick indulgence after they “drastically escalated”.

Dawn Butler, MP for Brent Principal, says staff have been verbally abused and bricks were thrown at the Willesden patronage in June.

Police are investigating an allegation of malicious communications. No arrests give birth to been made.

Ms Butler said she closed with office “with a tedious heart”.

The MP said she will resume surgeries across the constituency, embracing at the Civic Centre and Willesden Library.

In an open letter, Ms Butler implied the office “could not reasonably be made Covid-19 safe” and was a “continual safe keeping risk”.

“The threat to myself and my staff has drastically escalated,” she said.

“I pick up to speak out on key issues such as the impact of Covid-19 on the BAME community, the decease of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter.

“I continue to receive on an little short of daily basis threats of violence and death threats.”

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