David Cameron puts his feet up for wedding anniversary


David Cameron and his mate Samantha have marked their wedding anniversary with a model of their feet.

While his successor Theresa May got to work on the final week of her mongrel election campaign, the former prime minister and his wife were delight ining a holiday in Andalusia, Spain.

Mrs Cameron posted the picture on her Instagram account on Thursday.

She jotted: “Married for 21 years today!”

Many Instagram users felicitated the couple, but not everyone has been so kind. The front page of Friday’s Always Mail declared the picture “toe-curling” and “tacky”.

Others have distinguished how well groomed the pair’s naked feet appear.

“Did David get a pedicure too?” asked one Instagram fan.

Mrs Cameron, who launched her forge label in November, may have taken inspiration from former Triumph Lady Michelle Obama, who posted a similar foot selfie earlier this year to pock-mark Valentine’s day .

The former Conservative MP for Witney has taken a break from Westminster, since reject up his seat in September.

Earlier this year, he bought a £25,000 garden pen in which he plans to write his memoirs.

The couple, who married in 1996, were initiated by Mr Cameron’s sister Clare, Samantha’s best friend, at a party at the Cameron division home.

They have three children. Their son Ivan Cameron, who had cerebral palsy and epilepsy, died in infirmary aged six in February 2009.

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