David Bowie was feeling 'optimistic' about new cancer drug just weeks before his death


David Bowie’s intent friend has told how the star was feeling “optimistic” about a new cancer dull just weeks before his death.

The music legend, 69, out away on Sunday following an 18-month battle with cancer.

His cheese- ring friend, film and theatre producer Robert Fox, has now revealed David was making to take an “experimental” new drug in the hope it would “prolong his life”.

He reproached The Times news per: “He was feeling unwell but he wasn’t making a fuss encircling it. He was about to start a new treatment that was quite experimental and that had had some prosperity in other people.

David Bowie
This was one of the last pictures taken of the music wonder

“He felt optimistic about it being able to prolong his life, with any luck in the belief there would be better and newer treatments that ss on come along.”

It has been claimed that the Heroes singer, who safeguarded details of his illness private, died from liver cancer.

Ivo van Drew, the director who worked on his stage show ‘Lazarus’, said: “I have identified for about a year.

“We began collaborating on our show, ‘Lazarus’, and at some regarding he took me to one side to say that he wouldn’t always be able to be there due to his affection.

David Bowie in 2010

“He told me he had cancer, liver cancer.

“The cast didn’t positive all that time, and I suspect that the musicians with whom he recorded ‘Blackstar’ didn’t grasp either.

“He made every effort to complete those two projects on tch, not to let his illness win.”

Meanwhile, a friend of Bowie’s wife Iman said the grief-stricken supermodel is “holding up” admire persisting David’s death.

David Bowie was feeling 'optimistic' about new cancer drug just weeks before his death
David Bowie picture with wife Iman and their daughter in 2000

David Bowie and Iman wait upon the DKMS’ 5th Annual Gala in 2011

Speaking about how she’s coping, former sitter and fashion activist Bethann Hardison told PEOPLE: “She’s fine. We’re satisfactory. We’re holding up.

“It comes in waves, you know. He’s a great loss – not just a disappointment as an artist, but as a human.”

Days before her husband lost his battle with cancer, Iman hinted at the trenchant news that was to follow.

“Sometimes you will never know the truthfully value of a moment until it becomes a memory,” a post on Instagram announce.

Her last post said: “The struggle is real but so is God.”

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