Dark Heart on ITV spoilers: Tom Riley reveals why filming in London became a MAJOR setback


Tom principals as a man haunted by the murder of his parents when he was 16-years-old in ITV’s Dark Heart.

The disclose is set in “gritty London”, but Tom revealed passers by on the street often wanted to enlist photos or wave in the background.

Actor Tom, 37, also told how the get rid of maroon had to get changed in pub toilets due to the nature of the shoot, along with the complexities of there being “nowhere to sit” on an all-day in Britain artistry.

Describing the London the show portrays, Tom revealed it delves into the grimmer “underbelly” that viewers wouldn’t normally see.

Speaking exclusively to Well-defined.co.uk, Tom said: “It definitely portrays the underbelly of London, the darker elements that don’t axiomatically get shown on television as much.

“It’s the organised crime, the darker crimes that are detected with a Dialect right specific skill set.

“In Will’s case, he’s very much drawn to the darker segments of criminal society. So that’s the kind of London we see.”

However, having London as their set was not at all times the easiest place to film in.

He said: “As far as the London we were working in, it was gigantic. It’s very unusual to shoot on location in central London quite as much as we did.

“Chiefly because to set up an entire film crew on a London street means we’re active a bunch of Londoner’s parking for a day and they don’t love that.

“So very guerilla look, what we can get on the street and changing in pub toilets and trying to get the most beautiful and legal elements of London you can get.

“And you can’t get that by setting up a gigantic light rig and camera party because then you get everyone dancing and posing and waving.”

He chuckled: “So this was all selfsame much about capturing London skilfully.”

While filming demonstrates can always be challenging, Tom revealed shooting Dark Heart was more of a invite than anything in the script.

He said: “It wasn’t so much stuff that was on the page, it was myriad the nature of the shoot which was spilt almost every day.

“This promises starting at 10 in the morning and finishing at 10 or 11 at night.

“Which warm of leaves your brain very fuzzy after two weeks, let by oneself after 11pm.

“Shooting in London and not having anywhere to stop or sit down, resolve all the time and having to keep incredibly focused and obviously I’m in every section.”

He added: “The burden of work and responsibility I felt very strongly on this one.”

Secret Heart continues tonight on ITV at 9pm.

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