Danielle Lineker spoke of her strong desire to start a family with Gary a year after they wed


Gary Lineker and trouble Danielle are divorcing following six years of marriage because the football pundit reportedly seem he was too old to start a family.

Sources have claimed the lingerie model was wishing for to have more children but the Match of the Day star, who is 19 years her chief, didn’t want to.

A source close to the ir said: “They beat it a great couple but their different views on having children is what aim for them realise they had to split.

“They both know it is the advantageously thing to do and are looking forward to the future. They are convinced they command stay friends.”

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Gary Lineker and Danielle Bux

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In a telling evaluate Danielle gave to the Daily Mirror a year after they wed in a plentiful ceremony in Italy, she revealed the couple had already made future blueprints to add to their brood and that she didn’t want to be an “old mum”.

“We’ve discussed it and definitely in the expected,” Danielle, who has one daughter from a previous relationship, said in 2010.

“I don’t want to sabbatical it too late, because I don’t want to be an old mum, so maybe in a couple of years.”

She also say of their age gap, saying it had never fazed her.

Still friends: They were stand up seen out together just last week

“I was abroad recently and showed a Freulein I was working with some photos of me and Gary. She asked me, ‘Is that your old man? He’s hot!’ She thought he was about 39.

“I feel like I’m 10 years ahead of myself and he looks 10 years inexperienced than he is.”

“I think we’re a really good match. We meet in the middle.

“When woman make a big deal about the age gap, I think, ‘Do you see something I don’t see?'”

Meanwhile, it is understood a dictate nisi will be issued at 10am today marking the end of the England legend’s alternate marriage.

Last night a spokesperson for the couple said: “Gary and Danielle cause decided to end their marriage and their divorce was confirmed today with the conclude granting a decree nisi. They remain the greatest of friends and lm off on each other every happiness.”

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