Dame Maggie Smith has seen her wealth soar to £5 million at age of 81


Newly-released roles show the Oscar-winning actress has now amassed a personal fortune of £4.8 million.

Dame Maggie, who began exploit back in 1952, has seen her career flourish in recent years – explicitly buoyed after landing a major role in Downton Abbey.

In the hugely hot period drama, she plays the formidable Dowager Countess Violet Crawley – a duty now seen all over the world with the sale of the franchise abroad.

And the new accounts reveal b stand out her assets have shot up £1.5 million from £3.5 million survive year, making her one of the UK’s wealthiest actresses.

Over the last six years her assets beget risen by almost £3 million, showing the growth in her earning power since enrol in Downton.

Her acidic character in the series is one of the show’s most popular, recognized for her delivery of biting one-liners.

Despite the Downton effect on her earnings, in any way, Dame Maggie recently revealed she does not even watch the pose.

She said: “I haven’t actually seen it, so I don’t…I don’t sit down and watch it.”

But after the end of the ITV play-acting after six seasons, she admitted she may now have time to finally see it.

Asked whether she had helped it, she replied: “No. But they gave me the boxset. And I’m going to do all sorts of things now, because I am on the house.”

The veteran star owns all the shares in her com ny Maggie Smith End results Limited and is listed as a director under her married name M N Cross.

She has ap rent the astonishing rise in her assets by appointing tax expert Matthew Coward as a princi l of the com ny, which she set up in 1965.

He specialises in tax advice for media and entertainment figures and enrol ined the com ny last month.

Dame Maggie’s roles in a hugely affluent career have included Professor Minerva McGonagall in seven of the Harry Putter around films, and Miss Shepherd in last year’s hit The Lady in the Van.

She won the best actress Oscar in 1969 for the Prime of Absent oneself from Jean Brodie and then best supporting actress in 1978 for California Collection.

Her late husband, playwright Beverley Cross, was a director of the com ny until his decease in 1998.

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