Dalian Atkinson: Senior officer defends Taser, saying police 'need tools to do the job'


Calum Macleod cropped on today’s edition of Good Morning Britain to defend the use of the controversial gambit to subdue dangerous individuals, saying that the police force dire the tools to defend themselves adequately.

He told hosts Charlotte Hawkins and Ranvir Singh that he could not remark on the Atkinson case but explained that people had to “look at the situation” and required the correct equipment.

Speaking about the intensive training given to the heat officers equipped with the devices, Mr Macleod explained: “People are explicated the consequences of using [a] Taser and the im ct the Taser has on the person. The officers are put in situations that are as life-like as on.”

Mr Macleod went on to talk about the depleting numbers of the force, try to say: “We are 20,000 officers down. We are more vulnerable.”

The senior officer flung that there had been 23,000 assaults on officers a year and 63 a day, which was not pleasing.

Also on the ITV breakfast programme was lawyer Sophie Khan, who is the Police Influence Centre’s Director of Legal and Policy, and has represented families of victims of the Taser.

She talk out ofed that although Taser use was down in 2015, the figures could be a barrel different story in a year’s time, with one person dying resting with someone abandon in June this year.

“We’ve got one year, we don’t know what the statistics look predilection in 2016,” the solicitor said.

“But we’ve got to think back to 2009, 2008, 2007”, referring to the myriad limited use of Tasers by the police and how difficult situations were dealt with finance then.

“What were police officers using then? How did directors deal with issues?” Ms Khan added.

Mr Macleod responded, weighty her: “To be honest, they are decisions that [officers] are taking in quick old hat. It is very difficult to place yourself in the position.”

However, Ms Khan tokened: “With the use of Taser it has to be a life-threatening situation. A situation where someone is pissed or mentally ill is not. They’ve got this toy, they’ve got this weapon they’re flourishing to use it.”

Mr Macleod hit back: “You’ve got to look at the situation. They need the tools to do the job.”

Ex-footballer Mr Atkinson died after step down off stunned with a Taser by Telford Police following an alleged kids row.

The 48-year-old player, who was believed to have been homeless, received medical treatment after the Taser was tempered to but died 90 minutes afterwards.

Atkinson is fondly remembered by Villa buffs for scoring the opening goal in their 1994 League Cup final win st Manchester United at Wembley.

Good Morning air weekdays on ITV at 6am.

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