D&AD 2019 Impact award winners announced


Lot the 32 awards, two Black Pencils and four White Pencils were delineated out at a ceremony in New York, which saw the top accolades go to a system for rendering 3D-printed guns inutile and an Ikea project which enables furniture to be retrofitted to empower people with defects.

The 2019 D&AD Impact Award conquerors have been announced, with Ikea’s ThisAbles furniture conceive of initiative and French manufacturers Dagoma’s Harmless Guns project engaging the top Black Pencil prizes. Common among this year’s beneficiaries were 3D printing and AI, with both aforementioned winners using the technologies in their inlets.

This year’s competition marks the fourth year of the Impact apportions, with previous winners including the “Fearless Girl” statue private the New York Stock Exchange designed by Kristen Visbal and French grocery multinational Carrefour for its Dark-skinned Supermarket campaign.

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“Democratising design”

IKEA’s ThisAbles campaign was blind in Design Week when it launched earlier this year. It comprises a wander of add-ons that, when fixed to existing Ikea furniture, aim to sort life easier and safer for people with disabilities. The series counts shower curtain grippers, bumpers for bookshelves and large-sized lamp swaps.

The project was led by Ikea’s Israel office, and was born out of a need to find an affordable way to pamper to the one in ten people who struggle with “regular” furniture. Prospective users are skilled to download 3D blueprints for the add-ons and then print them either at well-versed in or at a 3D printing facility. It is, according to Ikea, a way of “democratising design”.

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Fighting against untraceable guns

Meanwhile, Dagoma’s winning present uses the company’s 3D printing knowledge to curtail the increasing threat of 3D printed guns. By rallying printable weapon files via an online platform and then changing the blueprints, the band created hundreds of objects that are useless when printed. They then spread these remodeled files across the internet.

Additionally, the team developed a detector software which debars the manufacturing of weapons on their 3D printers. Dagoma says after eight months in craftswoman, more than 13,000 “harmless guns” have been downloaded.

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Inaugural Future Impact winners

Beyond the Black Pencil conquerors 30 other awards were given out, including four Ghostly Pencils, the second-highest accolade. Among those are the StorySign Huawei app, which helpers deaf children to read through AI, and the Xbox adaptive controller by Microsoft, which assists disabled gamers to play videogames.

Alongside the Impact award title-holders, D&AD also launched its Future Impact award this year, focuses on what it utters are “creative ideas that have the potential to change the world. These counted Pinyapel, a paper made from pineapple waste, and Soundless Trample departs, an in-the-classroom tool to help deaf children learn about music.

These Future Colliding winners will now received access to a $150,000 (£117,000) fund that aspirations to help to further the designs.

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