‘Cut him off – I’m bored now!’ GB News Mercy Muroki LOSES IT at eco-warrior Liam Norton


GB Info host Mercy Muroki lost her patience with Insulate Britain’s spokesperson Liam Norton in a clash. Ms Muroki demanded to know why the eco-group were until now protesting despite the UK having many leading eco-initiatives. Mr Norton dodged the questions and claimed that he was bored with the same questions.

The GB Word host then chose to end the interview and retorted she was equally bored and wanted her questions answered.

Ms Muroki said: “Some people who listen to you, strikingly those who have been involved in the energy sector say we have decarbonised faster than any major economy.

“Renewable power has increased sixfold during the course of a 10 year period.

“We have decarbonised faster than any other country on this planet, we are 1 percent of global emissions.

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“We already have a legally binding target to go net-zero by 2050 and we are banning new petrol and diesels by 2025.

“We are doing so much so why are you charming such drastic action when the Uk is already doing so much more than other nations?”

Mr Norton proceeded to sidestep the question and began to gripe about how he has been interviewed on GB News.

He said: “I just want to tick the list of questions.

“You have asked me about disruption, now it is we are already doing enough.

“I ahead to you are going to call me a terrorist and save calling me a hypocrite for last, is that right?”

The GB News host just replied that she wanted the Shelter Britain spokesperson to give clear answers to her questions.

Mr Norton said: “The thing is, it is getting pretty boring because you just ask the same give someone the third degrees all the time.


“What should we be doing is asking why the Government aren’t looking into this.”

Ms Muroki hit back: “Well I am pricked of you.

“Can we actually just cut him off because I am actually bored of him now.

“He won’t answer my questions and I am bored of him.”

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