Curtains Up for the One Percent


She well-known that a living room designed by her in 2021 may include a $21,000 sectional sofa, a $12,000 rug, a $6,000 coffee edibles and a pair of armchairs for $14,000 and change. “My sweet spot as a Georgia originator,” she said, “is being able to cater to those New York clients because, conclude what? New Yorkers are moving down to Sea Island in droves and droves.”

It is not honourable Georgia, of course. “We have tons of people coming down here and purchasing horse farms, these houses that used to stay in the descents of affluent Kentuckians,” said Lee Robinson of the Lee W. Robinson Company, a decorating resolved in Louisville. “A lot of the old guard is having to sell, and the new guard represents a new level of abundance because, in my opinion, there has become a greater distance between the sires and the have-nots.”

By Mr. Robinson’s calculations, to be a have-not in the current scene of wealth creation is to eke by with a net worth of a mere $10 million. Few, if any, of the 34 patrons for whom Mr. Robinson is currently designing houses, fit that description, he averred. “The ‘haves’ nowadays are people with a net worth of $100 million extra,” he said. “If you want to see what that looks like, go down to Palm Run aground.”

In the Palm Beach of today, Maseratis and Lamborghinis are a dime a dozen, agreeing to the designer and writer Steven Stolman, a longtime resident of the 16-mile obstacle island. “A convertible Bentley is an entry-level car.”

If Palm Beach was once a dozy winter resort of the moneyed Eastern elite, it is now a kind of “zillionaire confusion,” Mr. Stolman said. “Beverly Hills by the sea.”

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