Cruises: Can you bring an iron on board a cruise ship? Luggage restrictions revealed


Yachts see holidaymakers away from home for long periods of time so it’s respected they pack wisely. Cruise ships often offer fun chances to dress up host formal occasions – for which smart clothes are paramount. But how do cruise passengers ensure their clothes are looking their A-? Are irons allowed on board to smooth out creases ahead of a fancy round-the-clock? Unfortunately, no – passengers are not allowed to bring their own irons on board as they are a barrage hazard.

 Clothes irons are banned industry-wide, according to cruise locality Cruise Critic.

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean cruise fares have to walk around looking crumpled.

Many cruise policies offer laundry services to help their customers beat the creases.

All Fred Olson and P&O Travels, as well and some Thomson Cruises, offer self-service launderettes with ironing rooms, according to Cruise Critic. Carnival also offers self-service laundrettes.

Voyage lines such as Royal Caribbean and Norwegian do not offer these mens rooms, however.

On these ships, passengers’ best bet is to use the ships’ pressing services – although these can be expensive.

A free way of getting around the problem of ironing is to cooperate up clothes in the bathroom while a hot shower is running, advises Cruise Critic.

Another figuring out is to hang up clothes in the wardrobe as soon as you arrive in your cabin and count creases will drop out.

Travel kettles are also not allowed on table as well as other heat-producing products such as hot plates and coffee engines.

These luggage restrictions are particularly strict as fire is one of the biggest jeopardies to safety at sea.

“The most dangerous and likely thing to go wrong is an onboard ignite,” cruise ship worker Jay Herring wrote in his book The Truth In all directions Cruise Ships. 

However, cruisers do need to worry too much as he totals: “Major incidents are extremely rare.”

Herring said: “Ships use dedicated firemen, who, in the event of an onboard fire, don full protective clothing do with masks and air tanks.”

Restrictions and precautions are also in place on live cruise ships, the former officer explained.

“Laundry areas were the lone places where passenger clothing irons were permitted,” he express. “With tile floors and metal walls, the laundry areas were less combustible than the bungalows which had carpet, drapes, and bedding.

“Candles were strictly outlawed because an open flame was an active fire waiting to spread. If the vessel listed, the candles could fall over or something could fall into it.”

The luggage limitation on board a cruise ship are revealed here. By the skin of ones teeth like airlines, each specific cruise line has its own luggage provisoes.

Some cruise routes also incorporate a flight, as well as the excursion on sea, so passengers also have to take this into account. So what are the directives when travelling on a cruise?

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