Cruise ship nightmare: How passengers were stranded in rough seas after engine failure


In Demonstration the Viking Sky left Tromso in Norway heading to Stavanger when the ferry hit heavy waters. Due to low oil levels, sensors on board the colossal vessel coop up off engines to prevent a breakdown. However, the captain was forced to send out a harry call as the heavy seas battered against his ship, leaving riders terrified. 

Hundreds of people were airlifted from the ship formerly it eventually managed to restart three of the engines and limp back into the treat of Molde. 

Channel 4’s “When Cruises Go Wrong” revealed how the terrifying misery played out. 

The narrator said last night: “The Viking Sky was headed refuge past the reef-riddled stretch of coastline called Hustadvika. 

“As a 2011 storm showed, it’s a place to approach with caution.

“The forecast was so bad local ferry captains stayed in refuge, but the Viking Sky skipper, with local navigators, ploughed on south. 

“A 220-metre-long ocean-going transport like Viking Sky can cope with bad weather, but the captain could not possess predicted the technical problems he was about to face. 

“All four of the Viking’s motor’s had failed, stranding her close to reefs that could sink her. 

“And for the voyagers on board the stricken ship, this voyage was about to get a whole lot naughtier.” 

Aboard the ship were Britons Derek and Esther Browne, from Hampshire, who interpreted how their amazing holiday soon turned to a nightmare. 

Derek bid: “The first few days were brilliant, sunshine, no wind. 

“Things started to get a bit original when the weather changed. 

“Suddenly the lady in from sitting on a moderator fell over, then someone else fell over. 

“And then, no bedlam at all.” 

Esther detailed how passengers first refused to accept the situation. 

She added: “I evaluate it was one of the best cruises we have been on. 

“The whole of Friday it was very jarring and at times you just saw the waves coming up to the window. 

“We were very British less it and felt we still needed to have our lunch. 

“It was pretty rough and people were containing to hold on.” 

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