Cruise secrets: Crew member reveals clever way they fool passengers into wearing clothes


Yachting trip ship holidays can involve plenty of dressing up. This can be smart ensembles for formal evenings or fancy dress for themed nights. On some coasts, however, the theme is dressing down – and passengers wear no clothes whatsoever. A latest cruise ship crew worker has revealed the alarming truth about what a ‘au naturel cruise’ is like. Jay Herring explained the surprising popularity of these voyages in his book The Truth About Cruise Ships – and how much crew execrate working on them. 

“Each year, a handful of cruises are chartered and shared with a couple thousand passengers who walked around the ship in the nuddy,” Herring said.

“Like a nudist colony or a nudist beach, the microcosm of a cruise take off is the perfect hideaway.”

Herring’s wife as a crew member one on such undressed cruise. “The passenger rules were simple,” he wrote.

“They had to be onto eighteen and clothes had to be worn when the ship was docked or during the captain’s contributor,

“If they weren’t wearing bottoms then they had to carry a towel and sit on it a substitute alternatively of directly on the chairs. Other than that, clothing was optional for the continuous cruise.”

Crew members were unhappy at working with so numberless naked people, however, and came up with an ingenious way to force travellers to cover up.

The solution was to blast the air conditioning. “The casino employees had no desire to look and these pure bodies, and since the assistant casino manager was married to the refrigeration machinate the A/C was set to be really cold in the casino,” said Herring.

“This forced the commuters to wear robes. It made the casino staff cold too but they design it was worth it.”

Nude cruises came with a plethora of problems, Herring illustrated, one being that the towel was often not used by the nudists when they sat down.

“It due wasn’t a pleasant sight to see someone’s nether regions on a community armchair,” he said.

“The housekeeping department was diligent about wiping everything down and care helped enforce the towel rule, but once the crew members corroborating witnessed bare skin touch a chair they just didn’t scantiness to sit there any time soon.”

The nudist cruisers didn’t even put raiments on while eating. “The passengers also sat at the dining tables and ate their eats naked,” said Herring.

“Now I’m all for naked dining when I’m at home by myself, but I’m not thither to share my bread basket with some hairy old guy who just rub erased.”

Herring said that crew were given the option to livelihood naked as well – but no one took up the offer.

Another thing that cruise employees don’t like – on any ship – is when passengers display bad hygiene.

A Royal Caribbean group member explained said they hate it “when [passengers] don’t ebb their hands after going to the toilet or grabbing food at once from the buffet with their hands,” reported 

Hygiene is particularity pivotal onboard cruise ships as disease can easily spread on board.

One condition of great concern on a cruise is norovirus – also known as the winter vomiting bug (although it can pelt any time of year). Norovirus causes projectile vomiting, diarrhoea, worries and stomach cramps.

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