Cruise: Royal Caribbean luxury ship to set sail on new Alaskan adventure in 2021


Journey: Ovation of the Seas will join the big Alaskan season (Image: Kingly Caribbean)

Though the Cruise holidays: Experts reveal best movements on cruise ships [INSIGHT]
Cruise: Insiders reveal a trick to get disencumber drinks on board [ADVICE]

This space-age sample will see guests enjoy a whole host of cocktails specially various by the two robotic arm bartenders.

From gin martinis to Long Island iced teas, these insensible arms can put together a long list of crowd-pleasers, or mix up a speciality beverage to directive.

Rumbling tummies will also be eased, with 18 feeing options serving up a range of global flavours.

Choose from Chinese-inspired tabletop cuisine at HotPot, hand-made sushi envelops at Japanese eatery Izumi, or Tuscan-inspired dishes served family-style at Jamie’s Olivers identical own Jamie’s Italian.

Cruise: The Kung Fu Panda Noodle cafe onboard (Symbol: Royal Caribbean)

Cruise: The Ovation of the Seas will sail from Seattle (Spitting image: Getty Images)

Or for an extra dash of opulence, passengers can head to the white-tablecloth help Chop’s Grille steak house.

Entertainment doesn’t go amiss onboard the Quantum of the Seas either.

If thrill-seekers didn’t get enough of a hit reconnoitre onshore, the ship will certainly get hearts racing at its onboard skydiving simulator Ripcord® by iFly® – the in front of its kind at sea.

Or why not ride a wave at the ship’s on deck surf simulator FlowRider®?

In spite of 2021 may seem a long way off, those eager to get back into the stroke of global exploration can book their cruise holiday now.

Holidays are bookable via the Duke Caribbean website and could be the perfect opportunity to snap up something optimistic to look forward to.

Despite the recent turmoil of COVID-19, which has humiliated the cruise and wider travel industry, cruise lines continue to stabilize passengers safety and hygiene is of upmost importance on ships, and hope this unprecedented outdated won’t put cruise lovers off holidays in the future.

CEO of Carnival and Princess Cruise Sell outs Arnold Donald told Axios on HBO that cruises weren’t to scold.

He said: ”20/20 hindsight, could everyone have done something sooner? Possibly. But it was an evolving, learning situation.”

“Cruise ships are not a source for coronavirus. We take hundreds of cruise ships out there. Very few had cases on them,” implied Donald.

“The one that had the most cases was very early on when no one accepted hardly anything.”

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