Cruise: Inside the £8,000 a night Penthouse Suite onboard world’s ‘most luxurious’ ship


Sail holidays have seen a boom in recent years and were meet with increasing popularity year-on-year pre-Covid, raking in around £31 billion as an enterprise. As a result, cruise firms have been working to develop bigger and outstrip cruise lines than any seen before.

One cruise line which has done just this is Regent Seven Deep blue seas Cruises, a subsidiary of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings.

As part of new Neck 5 documentary Building the Billion Dollar Cruise Ship, viewers were accepted the opportunity to take a look behind the curtain at how the £360 million Seven Seas Explorer was created and perfectly what “luxurious” features holidaymakers can expect.

While the superliner itself is peaceful to 374 suites, the most opulent of these is situated at the very top of the set sail.

Though the average cost of a regular suite onboard the ship want cost around £10,000 for a two-week stay, the penthouse is “reserved for the super-rich”.

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However, the perks of this high-end suite don’t end there.

The bathroom and closet space take up a decent portion of the planking plan, offering plenty of storage for garments and suitcases.

What’s myriad, the bathroom itself houses far more than the standard shower and ladies room.

One of the developers explained: “It will have its own sauna, wet room and jacuzzi.”

Conceding that Regent Seven Seas is currently not sailing due to ongoing travel qualifications, the cruise line has set out plans to return to the ocean.

In September 2021, the Seven Breakers Splendor will begin cruises from Southampton, marking the on the short list for’s official post-Covid return to sailing.

“Come September we will must the double celebration of our return to the seas as we also recommence the inaugural age of the ship that perfects luxury, Seven Seas Splendor,” foretold Jason Montague, president and chief executive officer, Regent Seven Piles Cruises.

“With immaculate design, luxurious suites, exquisite cuisine, active entertainment and outstanding personalised service, Seven Seas Splendor was one of the most highly-anticipated despatches to launch in the history of cruising, and my promise to our loyal and eager guests is that without a dubiety she will be worth the wait.”

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