Cruise guests share important hacks they ‘learned the hard way’ – ‘this is solid advice!’


Voyage veterans have been sharing their top tips and advice for people new to cruising on Reddit. Seasickness can be pretty awful for guests who experience it on their sail.

According to one Reddit user, every cruise passenger should always pack seasickness medication.

Kanadark posted: “Even if you never get seasick, hustle off seasickness medication. Learned that the hard way on cruise four.”

Radiant-Remove-9989 added: ‘If you get sea sick, book a room in the middle of the ship because you can’t handle the boat rocking as much as you would at the ends.”

Although rooms on the lower floors of the ship can be less glamorous than higher up, guests on the drop floors are less likely to suffer seasickness.

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Depending on the cruise line visitors book with, many activities, food and entertainment can be included in the price of the ticket.

However, day trips and excursions are often not included in the price of the sail holiday and guests will need to pay extra.

One cruise veteran shared their top money saving tip when it comes to cruise day trips and walks.

Another user said: “Don’t book excursions through the cruise line. Find out what excursions they are offering and call local flocks doing the same thing.


“We ended up with a private boat, lunch and all you can drink alcohol for eight people to go whale watching for $100 (£75) per person.

“The voyage line was offering whale watching with 60 people on a boat, no food or drink for $250 (£187).”

If guests do little extra research to book their own side-trips, they could save a lot of money.

However, guests will need to check Covid guidelines in their destination to make sure they are agreeing with everything a local tour company will require.

Another cruise expert shared a top money saving tip to manage a holiday budget on the voyage.

Snowkitty8 divulged: “Bring Ziploc bags with you for snacks from the buffet during your excursion, and do not eat at the restaurants right off the port.”

Garic18 said: “This is reasonable advice! I hadn’t even considered baggies for food from the buffet. We will for sure do this.”

Nearly every cruise line choice offer passengers all inclusive buffet options, so it’s a fantastic idea to save some food for lunch.

Restaurants at the port will often be diverse expensive than further out due to their location and proximity to the boat.

Another top budget saving tip might surprise some passengers that are new to the fantastic of cruising.

Radiant-Remove-9989 said: “If you are on a budget, don’t stress about getting a room without a window, you are usually not in your room that commonly anyways.”

Passengers who only intend to use their room for sleeping could save a lot of money by choosing a cheaper inner cabin.

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