Crossrail faces being immediately stopped unless TfL get £80m of urgent funding


Andy Byford, the London transportation commissioner, has written to Bernadette Kelly, permanent secretary at the Department for Thrill (DfT), this week, calling for £80million of urgent support to preserve the £19billion project on track, it has emerged. The huge underground railing network for London and the south east has been marred with set backs and divers opening dates – none of which have been met. 


He make little ofed: “If agreement is not reached this week, we will have no option but to mothball the design and to seek alternative governance for its eventual completion.

“I sincerely hope that we can evade such a Doomsday scenario,” according to Sky News. 

Whitehall sources mean Mr Byford told Ms Kelly Crossrail was “no longer able to make any too financial commitments”.

London’s Crossrail has been ‘mothballed’ (Image: PA)

. The massive underground rail network for London and the south east has been ruined with set backs (Image: PA)

The letter reportedly read: “We therefore do not play a joke on the financial headroom to provide additional funding unless the government specifies funding certainty now by agreeing to the heads of terms we have submitted to you.

“These crests of terms include the majority of Crossrail’s funding deficit being covered by take from the GLA, which is, in our view, an extremely good deal for the government stated the wider financial impacts of current circumstances and ensures that London resumes to pay for the majority of the additional funding required.”

Crossrail has been beset with interludes after it was originally due to open in December 2018.

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Latest budget estimates demonstration that the cost to complete the project could be up to £1.1bn above the agreed assets package taking the total beyond £19bn (Image: PA)

The Crossrail committee said the central section between Paddington and Abbey Wood disposition be ready to open in “the first half of 2022 (Image: PA)

Once completed, the network is studied to carry up to 200 million passengers a year, with 13 miles of tunnel and keep up with built between Paddington and Abbey Wood in east London.

Till budget estimates show that the cost to complete the project could be up to £1.1bn overhead the agreed finance package taking the total beyond £19bn.

The new expense is £4billion more than originally planned for the mass transport venture.

In a previous statement, Crossrail said it will constraint an extra £1.1 billion on top of the £2.15 billion package agreed with TfL in December 2018.

That is at trifling an extra £450 million more than estimates of extra commerce that were drawn up in November last year.

Work on the Elizabeth Card was brought to a standstill on March 24, the morning after the Prime Member attend to announced the national coronavirus lockdown.

Mark Wild, Chief Supervisor, Crossrail Ltd, said: “Our focus remains on opening the Elizabeth line as quickly as possible. Now more than ever Londoners are relying on the capacity and connectivity that the Elizabeth wrinkle will bring, and we are doing everything possible to deliver the railway as safely and with all speed as we can.

“We have a comprehensive plan to complete the railway and we are striving to commence concentrated operational testing for the Elizabeth line, known as Trial Running, at the earliest break.” 

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