Cristiano Ronaldo's New Underwear Campaign Is Too Hot to Handle


Cristiano Ronaldo unfailing knows how to make a splash during Fashion Week. The hunky soccer sportswoman just released the colorful new cam ign for his Spring ’16 CR7 Underwear collecting, and all we have to say is wow! Cristiano bared his washboard abs and branded undies for the cam ign, which active lots and lots of pigment all over his body.

Not that we’re complaining, but there’s as a matter of fact a beautiful meaning behind his nakedness: “Our bodies are a blank canvas,” Cristiano averred in a press release, “and underwear is the first thing we put on, so why not start the day coolly and add a splash of colour to your life.” See it all unfold here in the specify of fashion — trust us, you want to.

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