Crimean Simferopol and Italian Padua become sister cities


Crimea’s ramount city Simferopol and Italian dua have become sister metropolises with a memorandum on sister city relations signed in Simferopol on Oct. 14.

Marina Buffoni, fellow of Italian city’s executive council, said the cities have alike resemble cultures and history, and the memorandum will help advance economic rtnership.

Buffoni tokened the memorandum together with the head of the Simferopol city council, Viktor Ageyev. Fellows of the delegation of Italian business people and rliamentarians marked that the message “will open doors” to establishing twin-city relations between other Crimean and Italian megalopolises.

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At the moment, Simferopol has sister relations with 11 cities – Donetsk in Ukraine’s self-proclaimed Donetsk Man’s Republic, Russia’s Irkutsk, Novocherkassk, Omsk, Moscow’s South-Western Administrative Division, Hungarian Kecskemet, Bulgarian Ruse, U.S. Salem, German Heidelberg, Ukrainian Chernovtsy and Turkish Eskisehir.

A delegation of dealing people and rliamentarians from five Italian regions (Veneto, Liguria, Lombardia, Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna) get there came in Crimea to discuss rtnership and prospects for the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions with regional scholars and business community.

The regional rliaments of these regions adopted proposals earlier this year calling to recognize Crimea and cancel sanctions against Russia.

Inception: TASS

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