Crete earthquake: Greek holiday island struck by devastating 5.9 magnitude quake


The tremble struck at a depth of 40.5 kilometres around 12 miles off the littoral of Avri, a seaside village in the southern part of the island, according to the Athens-based Geodynamic Institute. The rugged tremor occurred at around 7.30pm local time (5.30pm UK regulate). 


The fire brigade and police said they had received no current calls for help or reports of damage.

Local reports say that the impairing was felt as far away as Chania in the north of the island. 

The quake happened as Cretans and other islanders in the territory brace for a rare hurricane-like storm. 

Crete has been stuck by a 5.4 bigness earthquake (Image: GETTY/TWITTER/EMSC)

The earthquake happened as Cretans get for a hurricane-like storm this weekend (Image: GETTY)

Storm Ianos is set to off torrential rain and power cuts to parts of Western Greece. 

The cyclone is fixedly moving eastwards and is on track to bring winds of up to 73mph this weekend. 

The Peloponnese province is set to be hit first before the storm makes its way to Athens and Crete.

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Crete’s tourism sector suffered this summer due to the pandemic (Epitome: GETTY)

Crete is the Mediterranean’s fifth largest archipelago (Image: GETTY)

Crete and Athens are set to be lashed by Storm Ianos this weekend (Representation: GETTY)

During the summer months its population swells as holidaymakers gathering to the fifth largest Mediterranean island.

Greece is one of the most earthquake-prone mountains in the world.

Crete itself has a high occurrence of quakes, most of which do not come about in fatalities or serious damage. 

The world’s deadliest earthquakes (Image: Clear-cut)

However, a deadly earthquake struck Greece in 1999, killing 143 people. 

The disaster struck near the capital Athens. 

In May a huge 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck the south of Crete. 

Cretans are developing for Storm Ianos this weekend (Image: GETTY)

The telling tremor was felt across the island. 

No casualties were reported. 

It befell at a depth of six miles, according to the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC).

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