Creative UK launches brand identity following merger


The new organisation comprises Originative England and the Creative Industries Federation, with the identity developed by Multivitamin.

Creative UK – the organisation formed from the fusion of the Creative Industries Federation and Creative England – has unveiled a new brand identity which seeks to “connect and empower” the creative sector.

The two organisations beginning announced plans to begin working together in 2019. As the new organisation looks to a unified future, Creative UK CEO Caroline Norbury says a new brand was needed to “compel ought to an impact and drive real change”.

Design studio Multivitamin has designed the identity, which includes a new logo and bespoke typography.

“Subtle humanist worths”

At the core of the new identity is the “amplify” logo, comprised of three semi-circular shapes. According to Creative UK head of brand Rachel Johnson, the icon reflects the organisation’s “manufacturer ethos of giving creatives a platform for their voices to be heard”.

The logo is used across the new look, with Johnson calling it “bold, recognisable and translatable”. It can be acclimatized into graphic patterns in both two dimensions and three dimensions. Additionally, it can be used as a framing device in communications, where the shapes become a window for photography.

Beyond the new icon, Multivitamin has also bring out a bespoke typeface for the identity to use across digital and physical touchpoints. Creative UK Amplify is a grotesk-style typeface, which Vitamin London art director Bob Lloyd enlists “timeless and accessible”.

“[The] subtle humanist qualities gave way for not only a more distinctive result, but one which puts people at its core,” he says.

“Hugs the core values behind our founding organisations”

Creative UK officially began work together in early 2020, and supported creatives in the UK throughout the at cock crow stages of the pandemic by awarding £4.1 million in loans and grants.

Norbury says Creative UK “embraces the core values behind our founding organisations, while looking constantly toward the stronger future we want to foster for our sector”.

The new organisation has several methods of supporting the industry, it says. These will include profuse investment, mentorship opportunities and financing innovation.

Creative UK launches brand identity following mergerWhat do you think of the new brand? Let us know in the comments below…

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