Crane ‘snaps in half’ and crashes into Kingston University building as powerful winds hit


The crane happened to “snap in half” as it crashed at the Kingston University Penrhyn Road campus advance at around 4.30pm today. Emergency crews were scrambled to the participate but there are not believed to be any injuries. The Met Police confirmed residents close to the progress have been evacuated “as a precaution”.

One witness claimed the crane enter into the pictured to “snap in half” as it partially collapsed.

The building is on the same site that was pull out ofed earlier this year after an unexploded bomb from the Support World War was discovered there.

Kingston University Faculty Support Fuzz Helen Miller told the Surrey Comet: “There are fire mechanisms and police cars there and they have cordoned the road off now.”

It came as the Met Service issued four weather warnings across most of northern England and Scotland as the UK struts itself for a battering before Thursday’s election.

More to follow…

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