Covid winter crisis: Expert warns cases could TRIPLE due to Delta variant ‘Far from over’


Notwithstanding, the virologist said the extent to which the increased virus spread will translate into symptomatic COVID-19 cases, as well as coronavirus-associated hospitalisations and deaths, is acrimonious to determine.

The true impact of a winter period with the Delta variant will be contingent upon several factors including how many people are W to Covid and particularly the Delta variant.

Children are known to be less susceptible to the severe health impact of the virus compared to older age groups.

One key task about the Delta variant is that it seems to be “better at countering the innate immune response than previous COVID-19 variants.”

This means the Delta separate poses a greater threat to all age groups, including children.

The most severe COVID-19 cases in children are those infected with the Delta unstable and this is likely to continue to be a pattern according to Professor Michaelis.

He added: “The Delta variant spreads much more effectively than foregoing variants.

“Hence, many more people need to be immune to control its spread. Moreover, it may be more dangerous to children and young people.”

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