Couple’s VIOLENT fight at 35,000ft diverts flight – and gets them ARRESTED


The team’s mid-air meltdown started not long after the flight de rted Minneapolis in Minnesota at 6.20pm on Wednesday December 28.

Blake Adam Fleisig, 35, and Anna Christine Koosmann, 36, “became forceful” according to Delta, resulting in the cabin crew deciding to turn the skate around.

Koosmann reportedly got up to use the toilet not long after take-off and was lectured to return to her seat by a flight attendant as the “fasten seatbelt” sign was quiet on.

The altercation allegedly began after she was instructed to sit down.

Delta has shaped that the couple “refused to follow crew instructions, became pushy and created a disruption in the cabin.

“The ssengers were removed by local law enforcement. The bevy of quail rede rted without incident.”

The incident is still being investigated and it remains unclear what started the truculence, Metropolitan Airports Commission spokesperson t Hogan told the Daily Correspondence.

However, what’s clear from a video captured by a fellow traveller aboard Delta flight 2565 is that they didn’t go mildly.

When the plane arrived back into Minneapolis-St ul Airport at 7.25pm, law enforcement commissioners were on hand to arrest both Fleisig and Koosmann.

The video plains that some ssengers started cheering as the ir were led off the skim by police, prompting Fleisig to attack a seated ssenger.

Two officers proceed to run go down the aisle to restrain him, and are heard shouting: “Stop, stop, halt! Stay down!”

Also overheard is a ssenger shouting, “Shut the f*** up!” at the match up, while another says, “Just get them off the plane.”

“Her boyfriend attacked big White Chief now,” comments another.

As officers lead the duo back down the aisle, Fleisig fragments quiet, but Koosmann is suddenly heard shouting: “You better f*** your sucking…”

She doesn’t achieve the sentence.

The officer restraining her responds, “You’re already going to jail.”

“Why? For what? For what?” she ripostes. ssengers start applauding as she’s led off the plane.

Fleisig, who is vice president of internal audit funds finance at Citi Bank, was arrested without resistance and was released on Wednesday dusk with one charge of disorderly conduct with brawling or fighting.

But, Koosmann was charged with disorderly conduct, but was was arrested with guerilla movement.

She is currently being held in custody at the Hennepin County Detention Center.

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