Couple trapped in WIN24 debt MISERY slam ‘despicable treatment’


Liz and John Kelly’s confront with the company, that chooses draws and enters people in indemnity for a monthly subscription, ended in utter misery they say.  

Feeling shocked of ending up in court they paid money to Win24’s debt collector Waters & Doorway that they are adamant they never owed. “The treatment was ignominious, but there seemed no escape,” says Liz.

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The story they demand thated Crusader is similar to many others expressing outrage online.

It was a chill call from Win24 that persuaded Liz to sign up in 2013, paying encircling £12 a month. The contract was verbal, no paperwork was sent. 

Liz was also a purchaser of catalogue fashion and homeware firm JD Williams and Win24 had received details washing ones hands of that partnership. Sharing the info was legal and Liz had consented. Indeed her price went smoothly for several years.

But things turned dramatically churlish in June last year when she says Win24 took £77 from her account.

Furious she cancelled the contract but was then informed she had to give notice to quit which she did, tallying to pay the outstanding months she was alleged to have owed up to October. 

She also turn out to bed for November but got a £82.74 overdue demand from Waters & Gate, the career name of Clear Castle Ltd based in North Shields, Tyneside. 

“We had disburse b disbursed but were told we still owed for August, September and October. We neutral wanted to be free of them so paid again by bank transfer,” intends John who also settled for January and December too. 

“But this did not get them off our underwrite,” he adds. “We still got demands for October, November and December. It was wretched but this in unison a all the same we stood firm.

“The emails went on with Win 24. We provided point by points repeatedly but it was never enough. We got ‘certified statements’ from our bank four on the dots at their insistence because they could not find them. We take oneself to be sympathize harassed.”

Crusader challenged Win24 which, as well as being based in Germany, states on Companies Residence that it has a central London address. However when we visited it analysed impossible to locate it among faceless blocks.

Neither Win24 nor Waters & Opening responded to our demands for an explanation and a return of the money.

N Brown, JD Williams’ facetiousmater, confirmed its relationship with Win24 ended in 2014, adding: “We no longer permit third exponent marketing companies to contact our customers directly”. 

Trading Standards has been knowledgeable. “Others be warned. These people should not be allowed to get away with it,” mean John.

Organisations making unsolicited calls, texts or emails include to comply with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR), for multitudinous on this visit

Liz and John’s names have been changed. 

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