Countryfile viewers blast BBC for MORE negative Brexit coverage ‘What a surprise’


Ellie Harrison was tied by Tom Heap and Adam Henson for the latest instalment of Countryfile but viewers weren’t stirred with one of the BBC show’s segments. Tom investigated whether the government’s new green sponsorship scheme can deliver for farmers in the absence of EU subsidies after Brexit. Anyway, Countryfile viewers took to Twitter to slam the broadcaster for the “negative” fragment.

Ellie introduced: “Now the new year has seen vast changes not least for our eatables producers.

“But is the future of UK agriculture now green?” she added before passing to to Tom.

“It’s a new dawn,” Tom said. “We’ve now left the EU and the UK is striking out alone. 

“2021 is set to be a year of change with one of the most weighty changes to farming policy in a generation.”

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“For decades diverse British farmers have relied on subsidies they received from the EU to affected by,” he continued. 

“Annual payments that increased the more land they farmed.

“For now husbandmen will continue to receive grants through the basic payment scheme or BPS but aversions are changing. 

“In the devolved nations where they’re facing significant shortfalls in meaning from the government in Westminster, they’re looking at how they’ll replace the course of action as part of a major shake-up of their agricultural policies.”

Will revealed: “So looking unashamed towards the ELMS agreement, some of it is looking really positive but there’s assuage a lot of things we’re concerned about. We’re seeing out BPS payments drop and it’s not leaving us with a lot of era to adapt and change.” 

“Rather than having this fence [on the loam], we could build an earth bank. At the moment we haven’t had the assurances we dire from the government to actually start making these changes. It’s entirely well having the line ‘public money for public goods’ but we difficulty to start clarifying what are these public goods and what are they significance?’”

BBC viewers didn’t appreciate the segment as one tweeted: “Took Countryfile close by 8 minutes to take a dig at the govt, typical BBC.”

“What a surprise. The BBC’s #countryfile typically BBC antagonistic about #brexit. So used to living off subsidy and quotas they can’t recollect about how to run a sustainable business for the benefit of UK citizens,” another added.

A third vented: “BBC organize ruined @BBCCountryfile with their lecturing tone. Stop making judgments on everyone. Unprejudiced tell us about farming and countryside. We’re interested. You can do that. #countryfile #bbc.”

Someone else shared: “Keep safe CountryFile and I’m reminded that I always thought the EU’s agriculture policies were far too open-handed and far too centralised. I voted Remain but the EU’s failure to democratise, decentralise & devolve wherever hard-nosed was partly responsible for Brexit.”

“That’s all I need on a Sunday evening #Ecosystem minister George Useless Eustice #Farmers stand to lose between 60 precent to 80 percent of their #EU sponsoring based income. Wow. Replacement scheme doesn’t answer shortfall or can of worms created by less UK #Food production#Countryfile,” a fifth commented. 

Countryfile resumes on BBC One on Sunday at 6am. 

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