Councillor who featured in RTÉ sting owes €33,000


John O'Donnell

John O’Donnell

A rate warned Donegal County Councillor John O’Donnell that he commitment order his arrest if he fails to appear in court next month in correspondence to a compensation claim against him.

Judge ul Kelly issued his augury at Letterkenny District Civil Court yesterday.

Cllr O’Donnell had go wrong to y anything of a personal injury claim to Petra Kucklick, of Rooskey, Creeslough, Co Donegal, which was ruled upon in 2008.

It apply ti to an incident in 2000 in which Cllr O’Donnell had run over Ms Kucklick’s foot with his car.

Barrister for the complainant, Laura O’Reilly, demand thated Judge Kelly that Cllr O’Donnell was now €33,000 behind in yments to her shopper and that he had failed to comply with the instalment order.

She said Cllr O’Donnell had be found lacking to provide details of his Northern Ireland bank accounts and asked for a justify to be issued for his arrest.

Ms O’Reilly also alleged that assets comprising properties could be seen in Cllr O’Donnell’s Republic of Ireland bank accounts as “reserving considerable rents”.

Kevin McElhinney, solicitor for Cllr O’Donnell, indicated his client was out of the country today and was unable to appear in court. He said any assets tipped in a statement of means provided to the court had considerable debts against them, rat on an example of a property worth €130,000 with debts of €180,000.

However Ms O’Reilly articulate none of the bank account details provided to the court showed any easygoing mortgage yments.

Judge ul Kelly ordered that Cllr O’Donnell attend to arrange for an updated statement on his assets and means within four weeks to Ms Kucklick.

“Those defences should be in court,” said Judge Kelly.

The judge told Mr McElhinney: ” lliate to Mr O’Donnell that if he is not here in court on February 3 I will issue a sanction for his arrest.”

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