Council tax increase: How much YOUR bill could rise by in Rishi Sunak budget prediction


Kate Ogden, a check out economist at the IFS, said: “The Government has stepped up with billions in additional funding for councils to support them through the last 18 months, it is appropriate to have to find billions more for councils over the next couple of years if they are to avoid cutting back on services, even if they multiplication council tax by 4 percent a year or more.

“The coming financial year is likely to be especially tough, with the likelihood of at least some ongoing COVID-19-related sways, and a particularly tight overall spending envelope pencilled in.

“At the same time, Government needs urgently to deal with a local government financing system which is becoming hopelessly out of date, being based on population levels and characteristics in 2013.

“This results in manifest unfairnesses in the distribution of resources between panels.”

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