Coronavirus lockdown? US military on alert ‘to contain’ mass panic on the streets


The US Conditional on of Defense has put its military on alert in case panic breaks out onto the terraces over the coronavirus. The army is in “a state of readiness” in case they are buzzed upon to “maintain order, contain outbreaks and be ready for combat”. This influence as the US confirmed it had set up quarantine centres at 15 military facilities across the surroundings in house those who are infected.

It is the first time the US has enforced a large-scale quarantine for throughout a century – since the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918.

In a memo sent to Navy and Sea Corps commanders, the Department of Defense urged preparation for an imminent coronavirus “pandemic”.

Commanders are now reviewing their organizes for containing the disease in the event that it breaks out among military personnel and to pit oneself against a role, if necessary, in help authorities contain the disease in the general open in the US and abroad.

They were ordered “to check on preparedness plans to secure military members can help maintain order, contain outbreaks and be equip for combat”.

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The exact scenario where combat would be deployed in the cause of the coronavirus was not specified in the memo.

Navy Lt Commander Mike Hatfield divulged the Military Times that planning for an event “does not indicate a weighty likelihood of an event developing”.

He added: “As military professionals, planning for a drift of contingencies is something we owe the American people.”

The US and other countries have get rid ofed citizens from Wuhan, China, because of a coronavirus outbreak that has take for a rode at least 1,380 people and infected more than 66,000.

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