Coronavirus LIVE: Four evacuated from cruise ship test positive – but 40 NOT in quarantine


The Coronavirus has already suppressed more than 2,400 people in China and continues to endanger the lives of thousands of others globally. The World Fitness Organisation has confirmed the virus has spread to 26 countries and territories faint China. 

South Korea, which is located 963 miles (1550km) from the concentrate of the outbreak in the Hubei Province, has reported a fourth death and 123 new come what mays – bringing its total number of people infected to 556.

Cases in Italy, Europe’s disappoint hit country, more than quadrupled to 79 on Saturday, with two deaths.

Authorities in Japan also verified 27 new cases on Saturday.

In Iran, 10 more people were named with the deadly virus, taking the number of people infected to 29 – with six eradications.

Coronavirus: The number of deaths has surpassed 2,400 (Image: GETTY)


In the UK, four living soul have tested positive for the deadly virus at Arrowe Park facility on Wirral today.

Ian Mackay, virus expert at Australia’s University of Queensland, alerted a global “pandemic” is on the way as the number of hotspots increases.

He said: “A number of area fires, occurring around the world is a sign that things are ticking along.

“What we are accepted to have here is probably a pandemic.”

Coronavirus: The deadly virus has spread to 26 countries furthest of China (Image: GETTY)

Dr Amesh Adalja, Johns Hopkins Center for Healthiness Security in the US, said as the virus is being spread by mild symptoms, stream methods of treatment are not going to work.

He said: “If that’s the case, all of these containment methods are not succeeding to work.

“It’s likely mixed in the cold and flu season all over the place, in multiple realms and gone unnoticed until someone gets severely ill.”

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Coronavirus LIVE: Third person lay down ones lives in Italy (Image: GETTY)

7.46pm update: Coronavirus a “big test”

The death peal has risen to over 2,400 in China as President Xi Jinping claims the modish situation is a “big test” for the country. 

Speaking to the country’s state broadcaster, he summoned the virus the country’s “biggest health emergency”. 

He added: “This is a emergency for us and it is a big test.”

7.12pm update: Third person dies in Italy

A third philosophical has died in Italy after being diagnosed with the virus. 

The outbreaks be subjected to been confirmed to the north of the country where there have been an guestimated 130 cases since Friday. 

The third death was an elderly lady from the town of Crema, east of Milan, who was also suffering from cancer according to reports. 

Angelo Borrelli, climax of the national Civil Protection Agency, said: “Health officials haven’t been yet masterly to pinpoint Patient Zero.”

6.24pm update: Final two days of Venice Carnival struck

The final two days of the Venice Carnival have been cancelled due to the spread of the outbreak. 

The virus also fake the fashion week in Milan where it was announced that guests should not accompany. 

5.08pm update: Pakistan closes border with Iran 

Pakistan has work out its land border with Iran following concerns of the spread of the contagion in the field. 

The announcement was made by a provincial official in Pakistan official and the country’s Front line Corps. 

4.30pm update: Number of cases increases in Italy

There sire 100 cases of coronavirus in Italy the government has confirmed. 

Milan’s mayor also disclosed all schools will be closed from Monday. 

Universities in the area choice be closed until early March. 

Additional reporting by Luke Hawker. 

Coronavirus: Chinese President Xi Jinping has apprised the virus could have a ‘big impact’ on the economy (Image: GETTY)

4.10pm: Four in the flesh test positive for Covid-19 at Arrowe Park in Wirral

Four in the flesh have tested positive for coronavirus at Arrowe Park hospital on Wirral after 30 Britons and two Irish nationals were carried to the site yesterday.

Following an evacuation flight to rescue Britons gobbed on the virus-ridden Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan, the 32 commuters were told they would have to spend two weeks in isolation in preference to they could return to normal life.

However, tests on those onboard transported out at the hospital today have indicated four people have been infected by the wearying virus.

Yesterday it emerged just 32 of the 78 UK citizens on the yachting trip ship boarded the repatriation flight, with the others either causing their own way home, staying in Japan, or travelling on. Four of those not on game table were being treated in hospital in Japan.

3.15pm update: Turkey searches border following outbreak in Iran

Turkey has closed its border with Iran and brought incoming flights as a precaution to stop

the potential spread of coronavirus.

Salubriousness authorises in Iran has reported 43 cases of the deadly disease

2.45pm update: Maid knocked unconscious in Birmingham after Chinese friend told to ‘pinch your coronavirus back home’

Police in Birmingham have pitched a man-hunt after a woman was left unconscious trying to defend her Chinese soul mate from being racially abused.

Meera Solanki, from Solihull, was out lauding her 29th birthday with friends on February 9, when her friend was allegedly asserted to “take your coronavirus back home”.

A West Midlands Police spokeswoman suggested: “We’re investigating after a woman was assaulted after another was racially mistreated in Frederick Street, Hockley, around 2am on Sunday February 9.

“A man made racist norms to one woman and after he was asked to stop he punched another female, in her 20s, in the standing.

“She was temporarily knocked unconscious but escaped without serious injury.

“The attacker is outlined as Asian, 5ft 8ins tall, of large build and was wearing a flat cap and hoodie at the stretch.”

2.15pm update: Fears of major failure in 14-day Coronavirus quarantine

The Coronavirus pandemic has infatuated another turn after it was revealed a Chinese pensioner took 27 light of days to show any symptoms, sparking concerns the 14-day quarantine could be too except for.

The 70-year-old man was infected with the virus in China’s Hubei province but stole nearly four weeks to show any signs of the virus, the local management said.

According to the Hubei government website, he had driven to Shennongjia, north-western Hubei, from eastern Ezhou, where he had neck contact with his coronavirus infected sister on January 24.

The pensioner, labeled as Jiang, then developed a fever on February 20 and tested explicit for coronavirus a day later.

READ MORE: Fears of major failure in 14-day Coronavirus quarantine -Virus can discard FOUR WEEKS to show

1.30pm update: China fears Coronavirus see fit have ‘big impact’ on the economy

Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned the outbreak of the Coronavirus could include a “big impact” on the economy in China.

He said: “At present, the epidemic situation is unruffled severe and complex, and prevention and control work is in the most difficult and decisive stage.

“The outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia will inevitably be enduring a relatively big impact on the economy and society.”

12.55pm update: China to quarantine all patients for 14 days after mended patients diagnosed again

Patients in China are being put into quarantine for a forward 14-days after they have been cured of the virus, after some people tested out-and-out for the disease again.

From Saturday all patients who have recovered drive face a fortnight of medical observation.

Zhao Jianping, a doctor heading a pair working in Hubei, said the reoccurrence of the virus in a number of patients is “rickety”.

He added said: “Where do you put those patients? You cannot send them available, because they might infect others, but you cannot put them in health centre because resources are stretched.”

Coronavirus: Symptoms of the deadly disease (Idol: EXPRESS)

12.40pm update: Hancock says 118 people released from quarantine ‘sit no risk to the public’

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said the 118 people let earlier today from a quarantine facility in Milton Keynes “predicate no risk to the public”.

Mr Hancock also said he is “incredibly proud” of the NHS stick at Milton Keynes Hospital and Milton Keynes Council.

He said: “All 118 are in laudatory health and pose no risk to the public – and this is thanks to the dedicated together of healthcare professionals and other staff who have worked round the clock to suppress each and every one of them safe and supported.

“I’m incredibly proud that at the same time again our NHS and public health teams – including at Milton Keynes Asylum and Milton Keynes Council – have gone the extra mile to conduct oneself treat with this situation.”

12.15pm update: Xi Jinping declares says virus ‘biggest condition emergency’

Chinese President Xi Jinping has declared the Coronavirus is the China’s “biggest constitution emergency” after the death toll surpassed 2,400. 

11.40am update: Third voyager dies on Japan ship

A third passenger has died onboard the coronavirus-infected Diamond Princess voyage ship in Japan.

Health officials confirmed latest death was a man in his 80s.

Coronavirus: Well-being officials wear protective clothing (Image: GETTY)

11.15pm update: Passing toll in China reaches 2,442

Chinese health authorities has confirmed the number of expirations as a result of the Coronavirus has risen by 97 to 2,442.

10.45am update: 118 people delivered from Milton Keynes quarantine centre

More than 100 individual who were placed in a quarantine facility in Milton Keynes are being liberated, NHS England has confirmed.

118 guests had been put in quarantine for the past 14-days at the Kents Hill Greensward training and conference centre.

The group, who were brought back to Britain earlier this month on a repatriation aeroplane from Wuhan, included around 10 children and a family of four.

10.25am update: French Health Minister says country ‘getting consenting’ for epidemic

French Health Minister Olivier Veran has said the homeland is “getting ready” for an epidemic after admitting it is “very likely” assorted cases of the deadly disease will be diagnosed.

He said: “Today, there is on the contrary one infected patent in France, who is hospitalised in Lyon.

“His health condition is not be fearful.

“All the others, apart from an 80-year old man who died, were released cured and are not contagious

“Other lawsuits, it is very likely. An epidemic? We are getting ready for it.”

10.05am update: South Korea on ‘red alarm’ following outbreak

South Korea’s president has said he was putting the rural area on “red alert” due to the rapid rise in new cases on the Coronavirus.

Health officials check up oned 169 new infections, bringing the total to 602.

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