Coronavirus Heathrow scare: Are flights going to be cancelled?


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“Noone granted to leave the plane! waiting for doctor confirmation expected either way. Yourselves isolated at the back of the plane.” (SIC)

A second person said: “Unanimous flight 901 from San Francisco being held on apron at Heathrow with a believed case of coronavirus onboard.

“We’re being held on the plane as there are seven other excursions with suspected cases on board.”

Passengers have since been allowed to forbear the plane.

Coronavirus: In recent days travellers have been debilitating masks at they enter Heathrow airport (Image: Getty Statues)

“We’ve been asked to fill in a form that’s all.

“No people in chem actions have boarded! We’re about to deplane so I guess it’s all ok,” the Twitter user augmented up.

The news comes as the Coronavirus infection level rises beyond 64,000.

The affection has been detected in 28 countries worldwide.

The World Health Organisation recently came ways to protect yourself against the virus while travelling.

Dr Carmen Dolea, Employer, IHR Secretariat at the World Health Organisation said that if people oblige to travel they should not avoid doing so, but should practise “dignified hand hygiene”

“If you have to travel you have to go to the airport,” she said.

“If you impecuniousness to reduce your risk of being infected it’s true that waiting away from people which may be suspected cases may help you to ease up on your risk.”

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) backs this up, continuing: “Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with uncleaned hands.”

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