Coronavirus crisis: France warned ‘prepare for the worst’ as cases double overnight


The integer of confirmed cases of coronavirus in France more than doubled in 24 hours, French Trim Minister Olivier Veran said on Thursday, jumping to 38 from 18 on Wednesday. This “malignant increase” was due to the identification of so-called “contact persons” linked to known events, M Veran added, before insisting France was “ready” for an epidemic. Now, French MPs are hard action from the government.

“We must draw up an emergency plan and process for the worst,” Eric Ciotti, of the opposition Les Républicains party, told parliament on Tuesday, up front slamming the government’s “slow reaction time” to the crisis.

Out of the 38 suits in France, two people have died, 12 are cured and 24 take been hospitalised – two of those being in a “serious condition”.

Earlier on Thursday, President Emmanuel Macron said a coronavirus rampant was inevitable, but stressed health authorities had bolstered measures to help control the spread of the infection.

“We have a crisis before us. An epidemic is on its way,” M Macron said during a smite to a Paris hospital.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, for his part, judged there was “no reason to be afraid, nor negligent”.

The deadly flu-like disease has infected various than 80,000 people and killed 2,800 in 34 countries, although the monumental majority of cases remain in China, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

France has been on record alert since neighbouring Italy became Europe’s worst-hit fatherland. 

Italian officials said on Thursday that 17 people had go to ones rewarded of the virus, adding that the number of confirmed cases had risen to over 650.  

The French administration has ordered anyone returning from China, Singapore, South Korea or the Italian zones of Lombardy and Veneto to take their temperature twice a day, wear a change ones expression mask and avoid all contact with weak or elderly people for 14 epoches.

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