Coronavirus Covid-19: Qantas cuts flights across Asia


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Australian airline Qantas Assort has temporarily cut flight operations across Asia due to coronavirus (Covid-19). The advertisement is in response to a drop in demand following the virus outbreak.

The group’s half-year economic results estimate the net impact of (Covid-19) to be between A$100m ($66.4m) and A$150m ($99.6m) for FY20.

As scrap of this move, Qantas and Jetstar’s operations between Australia and New Zealand on be reduced by around 5%.

Until the end of May, Qantas International and Jetstar Group hand down reduce their Asia capacity by at least 16% and 14% separately.

Qantas International’s networks, including the US and UK, will remain unaffected by the reductions.

Meanwhile, the airlines pleasure offer alternatives for customers with existing bookings who are impacted by the move out.

Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said: “Coronavirus resulted in the elimination of our flights to mainland China and we’re now seeing some secondary impacts with weaker order on Hong Kong, Singapore and, to a lesser extent, Japan. Other key courses, like the US and UK, haven’t been impacted.

“We’ve also seen some autochthonous demand weakness emerging, so we’re adjusting Qantas and Jetstar’s capacity in the right hand half.

“We can extend how long the cuts are in place, we can deepen them or we can add seats forsake in if the demand is there. This is an evolving situation that we’re monitoring closely.”

The Covid-19 expiry toll has reached 2,128, while the number of confirmed cases reached 75,725 as of 19 February.

Sag carrier Singapore Airlines recently decided to temporarily reduce fleeing services across its network as the virus affected passenger traffic.

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