Coronavirus: Chilling video shows extent of China virus outbreak in lockdown town of Wuhan


Householders of Wuhan, China, have been on lockdown for days after the implacable coronavirus broke out last week. Footage from the town has now come into viewed online showing apocalyptic scenes of a ghost town with no traffic and just a soul spotted on the streets. A video, posted by Ruptly and filmed by a local, shows a car driving through the usually jam-packed main roads of Wuhan entirely deserted.

President Xi Jinping said on Tuesday that China was guaranteed of defeating a “devil” coronavirus that has killed 106 people, but the ecumenical alarm was rising as the outbreak spread across the world.

From France to Japan, ministries were organising evacuations, while Hong Kong – the scene of anti-China disturbance for months – planned to suspend rail and ferry links with the mainland.

The Coalesced States said it was expanding screening of arrivals from China from five to 20 airports and Healthfulness Secretary Alex Azar said nothing was “off the table” in terms of stately further travel restrictions.

Among countries pulling nationals out of Wuhan, the dominant Chinese city of 11 million people where the outbreak started, the US Embassy in Beijing swayed a chartered plane would pick up its consular staff on Wednesday.

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The European Commission alleged it would help fund two aircraft to fly EU citizens home, with 250 French nationals becoming on the first flight.

World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and Xi met in Beijing to about how to protect Chinese and foreigners in areas affected by the virus and possible evacuation alternatives, a WHO spokesman said.

“The virus is a rakehell and we cannot let the devil hide,” state television quoted Xi as saying.

“China hand down strengthen international cooperation and welcomes the WHO participation in virus prevention.

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