Coronation Street star Bill Tarmey’s son dies age 52 a decade after brain tumour diagnosis


The son of Coronation Circle favourite Bill, who played Jack Duckworth for over 30 years in the ITV soap, expired yesterday. Both Bill and Carl had campaigned to raise funds and awareness for Imagination Tumour Research, who confirmed the news of his death in a statement on their website. Actor Charge died in 2012 at the age of 71, three years after his son’s diagnosis. He had before quit his job on Coronation Street in order to spend more time with Carl.

A annunciation shared by Brain Tumour Research said Carl “defied exotics after he was told the aggressive tumour could lead to his death within 12 months”.

They put about Carl had been “hailed by friends as an inspiration”, adding: “Our heartfelt condolences go out to all who be sured and loved Carl.”

Carl previously told Brain Tumour Exploration how he had been diagnosed after suffering a seizure and undergoing subsequent evaluations.

He told the website: “Doctors spotted some kind of growth on the top of my percipience. I was sent to The Christie for more tests and then on to the Salford Royal to see a neurosurgeon. Every frequently I was referred on, we became more and more worried that this was poker-faced.”

He said he had undergone surgery to remove as much of a “lemon-sized” tumour as plausible, with a biopsy then taking place to identity it.

“They were not skilful to get all of it as its delicate position meant that I could have been deactivated during surgery,” he said. “But I was told that the operation went through.

“After an agonising two-week wait for the biopsy results, we heard the foul news that I had an aggressive glioma, probably stage three or four.”

He was foresaw he probably had a year to live without treatment.

After passing the one-year consequence, he said doctors told him it was possible to live another six years and that he dominion “reach the 20 per cent of brain tumour patients who fall in to the department of long-term survival”.

In recent years, Carl learned he had a second melanoma, which progressed from being “benign” to “misbehaving”.

He said he had beared radiotherapy and was set for a course of chemotherapy as a result.

Carl spoke about be received b affect to “trust alternative treatments”, saying he had also been using herbal scribbles since his diagnosis.

“I have too much to live for to give up now,” he said.

Letter in 2017, the father-of-three wrote said: “Although we lost dad in 2012, and then mum three years later, I be dressed been around to see my children grow into fantastic people.”

He also revealed 2019 prominent his silver wedding anniversary with his wife Sandra.

Manchester-born Carl was a pub property owner and previously worked in the building trade for 20 years.

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