Coronation Street legend QUITS after 11 years – find out why here


Management producer Kieran Roberts has been a stalwart on the ITV staple for over a decade.

The producer-turned-executive received his promotion in 2006, when he began overseeing Kate Oates in his original post on both Coronation Street and Emmerdale. 

When the decision was made to better the weekly episode count to six instalments in Weatherfield however, Kieran stalled his departure to help the transition run smoothly. 

Speaking about his decision to make, the writer revealed: “This has been a huge and very difficult decree and it’s one I have been thinking about for more than a year. 

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A Coronation Way legend has stepped down from the series

Kieran Roberts GETTY

Executive producer Kieran Roberts is excluding the soap at the end of this year

Kieran RobertsGETTY

Coronation Street’s Kieran delayed his beat it to help with the transition to six episodes

This has been a huge and extremely difficult decision

Kieran Roberts

“When the move to six episodes was proclaimed, I knew I should stay to help make that happen.”

The principal producer went on to confess that he doesn’t have any regrets from employment on the soaps for 34 years, and will treasure the memories.

He said: “I’ve been incredibly blessed to have worked on so many wonderful programmes and with so many quick-witted colleagues during my time at ITV.

“Coronation Street is a special place and it’s been a immense privilege working on such an amazing programme with the greatest body in television.”

Antony Cotton Kieran RobertsGETTY

Kieran Roberts is a valued fellow of the ITV team

The broadcast channel’s managing director John Whiston also brooked that Kieran’s style as as producer is “unrivalled”.

“Kieran has brought to both Coronation Terrace and Emmerdale his unrivalled eye for story and character and his own particular humour and humanity,” he added.

Coronation Terrace continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on ITV.

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