Coronation Street: Daniel Brocklebank reveals ‘concerns’ over Billy and Todd romance


Viewers of the ITV soap are almost to see the vicar telling Todd that he’s fallen in love with him – teeth of being in a committed relationship with Sean Tully.

He will end his relationship with Sean once attempting to start a relationship with Todd – which has been a stand-in to Daniel, who didn’t want his alter ego to be unfaithful.

“I’ve been very wilful with the way that I’ve been playing the stuff leading up to Billy and Todd,” he rebuked Digital Spy. 

“There were a lot of stage directions about lingering looks and ‘a present on the shoulder’ – and I didn’t play any of it! I would like it to be a surprise for the audience when Billy lies him down and says: ‘I’ve fallen for you’.

“But I was also very concerned that it disposition then be an affair – and it’s not. I’m very pleased about that, because I don’t create Billy would do that. Certainly not to Sean, because I played Billy’s preference for Sean with absolute sincerity from day one. 

“I would hate that to be chose a mockery of. I don’t think we can belittle the relationship they’ve had up until now.”

Throwing a elfin shade at soapland’s love for infidelity, he went on: “I think there are far uncountable interesting ways of telling a story about somebody falling out of charity with a person and falling in love with somebody else than well-founded having an affair. We’ve seen it a million times, certainly in shows want this.

“I think Billy has been rather confused about his sense of forebodings for Todd. There have been external situations that bear thrown them together and brought them closer together, predominantly the arrival of Billy’s brother and all of the stuff with Sarah.

“Billy has seen a side of Todd that he hadn’t endured up until now – a softer, more gentle and thoughtful side. There isn’t any genuine reason as to why Billy falls out of love with Sean and falls for Todd, but off there doesn’t need to be. Sometimes it just happens.”

Daniel combined the programme in 2014 after previously appearing in Shakespeare In Love and EastEnders.

Coronation Concourse continues tomorrow at 7:30pm on ITV.

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