Conjoined twins separated after miracle 12-HOUR operation using 3D printer technology


The conjoined twinsBARCROFT Contrivance

It took 12 hours, but medics in China successfully se rated James and Harley

Medics in China tilled tirelessly to se rate five-month-old twins Yu Ce Yuan and Yu Ce Xiang – known as James and Harley – who were joined at the abdomen.

The surgery, on February 24, was promulgated possible by the generosity of strangers around the world who donated $60,000 to shield the cost of the operation.

The twins’ 20-year-old rents Yu Dang and Zhou Li treked over 1,000 miles from their home in the rural, steep Guizhou province to Children’s Hospital of Fudan University in Shanghai for treatment.

Surgeons used 3D models to develop a plan for surgery, but the exercise functioning took three hours longer than expected and was one of the most burdensome surgeries ever undertaken at the hospital.

Our hopes are that after the well-to-do surgery their living conditions will be improved

Yu Dang, dad

The matches shared a liver and pelvic bone and a team of doctors spent three hours sequestering the pelvis before moving on to the intestines.

A urology team then agitated to place the babies’ bladders back inside their bodies prior to ortho edic surgeons took over to reconstruct there pelvic holes.

Finally the surgeons fitted colostomies and closed all incisions before the boys were entranced to intensive care.

The hospital ediatrics vice president, surgeon Dr Cheng Shan, claimed that the innovative 3D printing technology “can now benefit all babies”.

The conjoined twins with their fatherBARCROFT Milieu

Father Yu Dang spoke of his fears that he would have to pick out between his babies’ lives

Last week (Wednesday 2nd) the boys were rub out from their ventilators and doctors are thrilled with their advancement.

The couple, from one of the poorest areas of China, had been unable to grant scans before the birth of the twins and the delivery came as a shock to the forefathers and doctors.

In rts of China there is a high abandonment rate of little ones with birth defects, but Yu Dang and Zhou Li refused to give up on their babe in arms.

The new rents borrowed money to cover the twins’ initial medical expenses but were discharged after being unqualified to y the $60,000 operation fee.

They reached out to Love Without Boundaries, a contribution for orphaned and impoverished children, and after only a month of fundraising enough money had been raised.

The conjoined twinsBARCROFT MEDIA

The five-month-old babies were linked at the abdomen

Mum, Zhou Li, said: “In the beginning there was nothing deviating. It was only when I had the baby that I realised they were conjoined twins.

“It was jolly inful and difficult. I felt like I was soon to die, like I couldn’t murmur and there was a lot of blood.

“I never considered giving them up. I gave nativity to these children, they’re my flesh and I wouldn’t give them to anyone else.”

Dad Yu Dang take a stand a reprove of his fears that he would have to choose between his babies’ actives, and spoke of his hopes for their future.

He said: “At the beginning we meditation the surgical fee was too expensive, then we were scared we’d have to choose between one and the other.

James after the surgeryBARCROFT Vehicle

James after the surgery

“Our hopes are that after the successful surgery their breathing conditions will be improved.

“We are thankful towards each kind-hearted personally’s help. We are very grateful for their support.”

Zhou Li added: “In the following I hope they can be doctors, because if there hadn’t been doctors, they wouldn’t procure the life they have now.

“I hope they can become doctors and look after sadistic people.” Surgeon, Dr Zheng Shan, said: “It’s not commonly perceived, within 30,000 children, only one birth will be conjoined twins.

“Our health centre is the best in China, we have been assigned nine cases of conjoined look-alikes.

“The surgery is important for two people’s lives and their quality of life, urination, defecation and the bodily events they will use in the future.

“Their makeup is extremely complicated, they not have one anus, four urethra and four bladders – their character is incredibly complicated.

“Regarding protecting their lives, I’m positive. But to guard two lives are intact, in terms of quality of life, normal functions equal giving birth – I think that’s more difficult.

“The surgical issue froms will be long, perhaps the children will have to go two or three surgeries.”

Chief Supervisory Officer of Love Without Boundaries, Amy Eldridge, said: “It has been properly humbling to see the outpouring of support from around the world for this green rural couple and their twin boys.

“As soon as we heard their copy we pledged to help, but it only became possible because complete aliens gave from their hearts. That’s love in action at its finest.”

The twins will be be lacking to have further urological surgery in the next six to 12 months, but doctors are hopeful for their future.

To make a donation to James and Harley’s medical safe keeping, please visit

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